As the Child Grows

I’m pretty sure that even as I age, I remember it right.  And what I’m sure of is that I did not think anything about what it would take to raise kids.  During my pregnancy all I could focus on was healthy, normal, boy, girl, what’s going on inside me this week, when will it move, is it moving enough, what does he/she look like, when’s the due date & can we move it up.

When it came to kids issues, I was still worried about my own issues and at that stage when it came to babies, it was diaper changing and bathing that freaked me out.  After all what else is there?

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Who’s Changing My Schedule?

Today, my morning looked clear, I still had deadlines a day or two off. Most kids still at school, well at least until noon when the high schoolers are scheduled to return, but basically a quiet, open morning to write. Yesterday I had focused on all the small, tedious, but necessary tasks to be done. That I did, thinking my mind would be clear and I’d be less apt to procrastinate over something tweesie!

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