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Our Radio Premiere Story

Our premiere show today didn’t quite happen the way we were expecting it to happen. Our show time is Thursdays at NOON, but somehow we got promoted for 1:00. That confused everyone. The show before us was long gone, which was strange since we are supposed to start right after that show. All the moms were in the studio, ready and waiting and talking a mile a minute. It was showtime and no one was there…a big time mixup. So instead of starting at noon and instead of starting at one, we hit the air at 12:33. A slight glitch in both directions, but the show took off and the moms took off and Mom Time TV (radio style) premiered today. You gotta hear it, it was fab!

Our conversation centered around “The Back to School Report”, plus our take on President Obama speaking here at Desert Vista High School, and what happens when a talking mom loses her voice.

We have the radio show and a TV show up and ready for you!

Great stuff…hear it here! http://www.doublewidenetwork.com/index.php/Shows/detail/momtime

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