# of children: 3

# of grandchildren: 0

Favorite thing to do with your kids: Rock Climbing, Thrift Store Shopping

Favorite restaurant: Cafe at Desert Ridge

Favorite Food:  Anything carbohydrate related – and black licorice

Favorite Drink:  Moscato D’Asti It’s sweet and fizzy!

Favorite TV show: The Nanny – I envy her wardrobe.

Favorite book: The Life Giving Gift of Acknowledgement

Favorite movie: Mystic Pizza

Favorite Recipe: My Lasagna

Best Vacation: Annual summer trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Favorite Color:  Purple

Most embarrassing moment:  Falling literally on my face in front of a bank full of customers

Favorite place for help:  Faith, Friends and Confidants

Favorite Mom Time TV Topic (or show):  Anything accountability or communication related

Secret for being the best mom:  It goes by too quickly to sweat the small stuff

Words of advice:  Very few decisions in life have to be permanent.  Step out boldly – you can almost always change direction.