Danielle P


# of children: 1

# of grandchildren: 0

Favorite thing to do with your kids:  snowboard

Favorite restaurant:  Binkleys

Favorite Food:  Sushi

Favorite Drink:  wine

Favorite TV show:  America’s got talent, smash

Favorite book:  Diana gabaldon’s outlander

Favorite movie:  Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Recipe:  Ricotta pancakes

Best Vacation:  Australia

Favorite Color:  blue

Most embarrassing moment:  ?

Favorite place for help: baby wise book series,  book store, online

Favorite Mom Time TV Topic (or show):  what I want to teach my kids

Secret for being the best mom:   SHOW your kids how much you love them, by doing not just saying.  Put your work aside and spend time.  Your time is what they need most.

Words of advice:  Don’t yell.  When the situation with your kids gets stressful, take a moment, a deep breath, think, and then interact.  Impulsive, angry reactions hurt them and your relationship.