# of children: 2 & 2 step children

# of grandchildren: 1

Favorite thing to do with your kids:  eat

Favorite restaurant: Celsie’s Kitchen

Favorite Food:   Grilled Chicken

Favorite Drink:   Dr Pepper

Favorite TV show:  60 minutes

Favorite book: The Cure

Favorite movie: Beatle Juice  

Favorite Recipe: My original Yummy Soup

Best Vacation: Hawaii

Favorite Color:   Blue

Most embarrassing moment:  Today, I hit the send button before I finished an email to the GM of One of the radio stations and it had the original attachment that I forwarded…dahhh  

Favorite place for help:   bedroom

Favorite Mom Time TV Topic (or show):   I love them all !  

Secret for being the best mom:   Listen and encourage them to be courage

Words of advice:  Always do the Best you can !