# of children:   just 1 beautiful and precious daughter
# of grandchildren:   just 1 handsome and charismatic grandson
Favorite thing to do with your kids:  go to sports events, galas, plays, and vacations.
Favorite restaurant:   El Chorro
Favorite Food:  Green Chili
Favorite Drink:  Red Wine
Favorite TV show: Mad Men
Favorite book:    Gone With the Wind
Favorite Recipe:   Green Chili Chicken Enchildas
Best Vacation: African Safari –
                      (Wildebeest Migration and Silverback Gorilla Trek)
Favorite Color:  RED
Most embarrassing moment:  Calling a man named Dick ….. Peter ;-(
Favorite place for help:  Internet
Secret for being the best mom:  Be the Inspiration.
Words of advice:  Empower your child to be the person, they want to be.