Kameron Bybee headshot


# of children:  3
# of grandchildren:  0
Favorite thing to do with your kids: Movie Night!
Favorite restaurant:  anything Mexican
Favorite Food:  anything Mexican
Favorite Drink:  water
Favorite TV show: Alias!  (current fave: Castle)
Favorite book:  To Kill A Mockingbird.  Or Anne of Green Gables.  Or A Separate Peace.  Or Little Women.  Or maybe Lord of the Rings…
Favorite movie:  (see my favorite books.)
Favorite Recipe:  too many to choose from!
Best Vacation:  anywhere I can read, but I loooooooove England
Favorite Color:  purple
Most embarrassing moment:  ??
Favorite place for help:  friends
Favorite Mom Time TV Topic (or show):  help with kids
Secret for being the best mom:    love your kids – put their needs above yours
Words of advice:  get enough sleep.  Seriously.