# of children:  5

# of grandchildren:   0

Favorite thing to do with your kids:   Travel, especially by RV  ๐Ÿ™‚

Favorite restaurant:   If I am paying, Forefathers.  If someone else is paying, Capital Grille.

Favorite Food:  chocolate chip cookies, homemade.  Coconut on top is a bonus.

Favorite Drink:  Iced peanut butter & white chocolate mocha, Copper Star Coffee, 7th Avenue north of Indian School Road.

Favorite TV show:  Is there anything good on anymore?  

Favorite book:  The Bible, followed closely by The Shack.

Favorite movie:  Godfather series, especially #2.

Favorite Recipe:  Beef Fondue with my Mom’s special sauces.

Best Vacation:  Trip to Europe in 8th grade, followed by Family RV trip to the east coast

Favorite Color:  Magenta

Most embarrassing moment:  Oooooh – don’t even want to think of one!!

Favorite place for help:  Soozi Bolte and Professional Counseling Services – expensive, but worth every dollar!!

Favorite Mom Time TV Topic (or show):  Anything with some good controversy!!  ๐Ÿ™‚

Secret for being the best mom:  Go find a different Mom than me – I am not so good at this!!  

Words of advice:  If you can find where your greatest passion meets the world’s deepest need, you have found your calling in life.  Go find it!!