# of children:  3

# of grandchildren:  0

Favorite thing to do with your kids:  I love to take small trips with my kids.  Getting out of the house puts everyone in a good mood, they all open up and start sharing everything about what’s going on in their lives – which makes me feel more connected to them.

Favorite restaurant:  Fajita’s – it’s far, but it’s worth it!

Favorite Food:  Chocolate

Favorite Drink:  Home-brewed Blueberry Mint Tea

Favorite TV show:  Suits (USA Network)

Favorite book:  “Hanna’s Daughter’s” by Marianne Frederiksson

Favorite movie:  Mrs. Doubtfire – always, always, always makes me laugh!

Favorite Recipe:  Blonde Brownies

Best Vacation:  14-day Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

Favorite Color:  Green

Most embarrassing moment:  As a young teen, I was biking with my sister and my dad in our neighborhood.  We were talking and I turned back, for some odd reason.  As a result, I ended up rear-ending a parked car, my back wheel flew up and I tumbled off my bike.  Needless to say, the pain of embarrassment was far greater than any sustained on my person.

Favorite place for help:  My friend, Nita Raja – unfortunately she’s in San Antonio

Favorite Mom Time TV Topic (or show):  How to get the kids to help around the house.

Secret for being the best mom:  Chill – even though I can’t!

Words of advice:  Tomorrow is waiting just around the corner…take it one day at a time.