# of children:  2
# of grandchildren:  0
Favorite thing to do with your kids:  Going for ice cream at Mary Coyles, snuggling at night before bed, hanging out in the hammock
Favorite restaurant:  Middle Eastern Bakery (16th St. & Osborn)
Favorite Food:  my mom’s delicious chile rellenos
Favorite Drink:  Starbucks bottled Vanilla Frappucinos (Yuummmyyy!)
Favorite TV show: ??
Favorite book:  The Red Tent,  Simple Abundance, First You Have to Row a Little Boat
Favorite movie:  The Blind Side
Favorite Recipe:  Orange-y Chocolate-y Raspberry Yummies
Best Vacation:  Germany (Bavaria and the Black Forest)
Favorite Color:  purple
Most embarrassing moment:  too embarrassed to write it here!
Favorite place for help:  friends, my husband
Favorite Mom Time TV Topic (or show):  anything related to finding balance as a mom
Secret for being the best mom:  remember that time is passing quickly . . . “long days, short years”
Words of advice:  Be gentle with yourself.  Trust your inner voice.  Know that all is well, even if it doesn’t feel that way.