# of children: 5

# of grandchildren: 7 (through my husband)

Favorite thing to do with your kids: Listen to them tell me about their day. Vacationing with them & eating out are fun too!

Favorite restaurant: As a family Benihana’s is the big fav! I like Pita Jungle. San Tan Flats & The Olive Mill are two new favorites.

Favorite Food: Caprese Salad

Favorite Drink: ViSalus shake

Favorite TV show: 24 We’ve been watching it on NetFlix all summer long and we’re hooked all over again

Favorite book: That’s a toughie because I read so much. “Defending Jacob” and “The Forgotten Garden” stand out. For more good picks see:

Favorite movie: “Life of Pi” and “The Great Gatsby” recently, but all time favorite is still “The Untouchables”

Favorite Recipe: Swedish Pancaca. A very old & secret family recipe

Best Vacation: Disney Cruise

Favorite Color: Blues & greens and every combination of them

Most embarrassing moment: The time I grabbed my potty training son’s crotch to see if he was wet and I looked into his face and it wasn’t him!

Favorite place for help: My hubby, followed closely by Google!

Favorite Mom Time TV Topic (or show): Every single one is special

Secret for being the best mom: Lead by example. Teach them what you want to teach them by modeling it yourself. Faith, hope, love…and patience works too. Pick your battles carefully.

Words of advice: I cherish the creative nature in each one of my children. To me it’s more important than grades. And I need to remember to protect it, because the world will try to take it away!